Aileen Whiteford


Aileen - 2I am a Natural Eyesight Teacher, using the method developed by Dr W H Bates, and have been in practice for over 20 years. During this period I have built up several successful practices in Edinburgh, East Lothian and for a time, in London and Aberdeen. I have many years of experience both as teacher and trainer of teachers. I am also the co-founder and principal teacher of the College of Vision Education (

I hold a Master of Science (Education) degree from Edinburgh University and have been a professional educator of many years both in Scotland and Canada, and have also worked as an external examiner/assessor within Nurse Teaching.

In my private practice I teach Bates Method offering both one to one sessions and if you need it, short intensive courses. I also offer workshops for natural eyesight improvement, an easy introduction to the work.

I work with both adults and children, no matter what the visual challenge is.

I have previously led Bates Method workshops at Meir Schneider’s School of Self-Healing in California, presented at the “17th International Conference of Holistic Vision” in Paris and at the “2nd Natural Vision Conference” in San Francisco. In October 2011 I co-presented a workshop on binocularity (“One eye .. good ! Two eyes … better!) at the “XXIII International Conference for Holistic Vision”, held at Malpensa, Italy.

I co-organise the “British Natural Eyesight Conferences” ( held in October 2008, 2010 and 2012. In 2012, the theme was “Low Vision and Eye Disease: See better – feel better. Learn how to understand and manage your low vision or eye disease using natural eyesight methods” I also co-presented a teachers only workshop on “How to work with clients experiencing low vision”.

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