12th October

Nature, Naturally!! An Autumn Feast for your Eyes. As we enter another stage of our battle against Covid it sometimes seems hard to remember that at this time of the year we have some natural events going on that are good for our Natural Eyesight Improvement work.I know that it is hard to “see” positives throughout all of this but there are a lot.

Where we stay we are very lucky in that a very short walk of about 3 minutes takes us into mature woodland and we can stay in the woods for almost all the walk if we want to, with only one or two roads to cross, the inconvenience of those roads more than outweighed by the pleasure of seeing the trees, the undergrowth, squirrels, birds and of course our dogs playing in the woods.

At this time I recall a lovely old song written and performed by Johnny Cash in the late 1950’s and many others following him, called Forty Shades of Green, inspired by his first visit to Ireland

.Now I don’t know if there are forty shades or not but when you walk in the woods or even a park just enjoy taking the time to notice the trees and their colours and especially at this time of the year the changing of the colours. Also look below the trees, at the grasses, flowers, weeds, again the range of colours to be found there can be wonderful. Take advantage of this time of year and enjoy nature, naturally!

2nd September

Aileen has just announced a new one-to-one on-line course for eyesight improvement. If you would be interested in this contact us either through the contact form or the contact telephone number. Look forward to hearing from you.

1st September 2020

We all have been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic leaving us locked down at home, taking away the opportunity to see our regular pupils and find new ones it meant that we all have had to find some ways to use our time.

Personally before all this started I was very unsure about using technology to work remotely with clients but I soon realised that I had to do something as otherwise my clients would possibly disappear or find that they were missing ‘seeing’ me.

What did I do? Decided to embrace technology and now find myself working comfortably with Skype, Facetime, Zoom and even WhatsApp. As I am doing, I expect a lot of teachers are now doing.

At first I was apprehensive, setting my room up to ensure a good clear image on the screen, making sure I had no ‘problematic’ rear views behind me (as some politicians seem to have had!). So even before I started I was working on vision, focussing on my surroundings so that whoever I was talking to had no distractions around me on their screen.

I have used these technologies now for some time and feel that they are a very useful tool in our ‘work bag’. I use them in my vision work, my psychotherapy practice, my sessions with my psychotherapy supervisor and of course to chat with friends.

The one downside of working this way, for me anyway, is the lack of seeing the full body. Sometimes we can tell a lot from noticing body language, this may be telling us something different than the words. I find this important, especially with my psychotherapy clients.

But, all said and done, it is a good way of keeping in touch and has allowed me to have new clients from further afield than just the Edinburgh area. Even so, I still look forward to working face to face in my office soon.