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BREAKING NEWS  On-line interactive eyesight improvement lessons soon to be available

This course will be starting in a few weeks. For full details go to our dedicated page, “Eyesight to Insight” where you will find details about the course and how to register as they are published.

With this newsletter our aim is to keep you informed of the latest work Aileen Whiteford is doing, what is happening in the Natural Vision Education world and the occasional tip to help you get the best out of your eyes.

We will also be running an ongoing series of the foundations of this work created by Dr William H Bates at the turn of the 20th Century.

In this edition we profile Aileen and the work that she does. You may be surprised to discover that as well as carrying out NVE with clients, Aileen is also a qualified psychotherapist.

Who are Vision Education Scotland?

Aileen Whiteford is the founder of Vision Education Scotland. Aileen is a graduate of The School of Vision Education. Aileen  is a prominent member of The Bates Association for Vision Education (BAVE)and the Association of Vision Educators (AVE) a USA based organisation similar to BAVE.

John Whiteford is also a graduate of The School of Vision Education and keeps involved in vision work. This includes working on preparation of promotional materials and arrangements for workshops amongst others.


Aileen works with Anna Bambridge (Bates teacher in Glasgow) to organise and run workshops. These are currently only available in Glasgow and Edinburgh. If you would like to be kept informed about any workshops in your area let us  know and we will contact you when something is organised

Hosting a Workshop

Would you be interested in hosting a workshop in your own area? You arrange the venue, participants, etc.. Contact us for our workshop leaflet and for more details of what is on offer.

Evening Classes

Would you be interested in attending an evening class with other people  with a similar vision challenge? These will be on offer in Edinburgh. Again, contact us for more details


We are always  interested in talking to groups of interested people about Natural Vision Education. Contact us for details