Eyesight to Insight, Series 1

From Eyesight to Insight

  • All about us,  getting to know each other.
  • Contract for psychological and emotional safety
  • Confidentiality, we do not take personal disclosures outside this ‘virtual’ room,
  • Mutual trust and respect for each other at all times. We are likely to be treading on sensitive ground in this sort of group.
  • Really attending and listening to each other.
  • You are encouraged to keep a personal vision journal at the very least for the duration of the 6 classes, personal writing is a powerful agent for change.
  • Lets talk about your interest in joining these classes.
  • Why ‘Eyesight to Insight’, what does it mean?
  • Natural eyesight improvement, natural vision improvement, what’s in a name?
  • Eyesight and vision, are they synonymous?

Course Outline, Content and Dates

Session 1

               Think eyesight/vision re-learning to ‘see’.

  • About the eyes, the organs of sight (light), their structure and function, how and why eyesight challenges develop.
  • The eyes, the brain and the mind,

Prep For session 2.

What personal outcomes are you  hoping for through attending these classes?

During\following the class what particularly sparked your interest?

Session 2

  • Welcome and catch-up from session 1.
  • About the mystery we call eyesight!
  • Seeing is a learned activity!
  • Here is a clue, ‘children learn what they live and live what they learn’!
  • Re-learning to see, introduction to Dr Bates and his work.
  • What’s involved in learning to see, what are the significant influences?
  • This is where re-learning to see comes in.
  • Enter Dr W. H. Bates (1860 – 1930) and the tribe of Bates Teachers around the world.
  • Dr Bates famously stated – “Defective vision is the result of an abnormal condition of the mind” .

Prep for session 3

Over the next week or so observe  yourself, are you always busy thinking ‘what do I need to do today’, or are you more interested to see how your day unfolds?

Stop, consider, think about how you learned to see?

Session 3

  • Welcome, catch up and your feedback so far.
  • The eyes  –   the brain  –  the mind.
  • The feedback loop. 
  • What is your vision style? — are you a Seer or a Looker?
  • So we will  explore this together. You had a clue at the end of session 2.
  • How did you learn to see, well or otherwise? Stop and  consider this for a while. 
  • Hold in mind, – children learn what they live and live what they learn!

Prep for session 4

Think and write a bit about your eyesight and your growing up. Keep in mind, you do not need to share any of this in the group unless it would support you to do this.

Session 4

  • The brain and binocularity.
  • ‘Seeing and being’.
  • Developing the concept of ‘Integrated vision’.
  • Exploring your way of  ‘seeing and being’, thinking about the many ways our personal development is   impacted by our physiology, personal psychology and our socialisation experiences from the moment we enter the world. Some would say even before that time! 

Prep for Session 5.

If you use glasses or contact lenses please have an up to date prescription, age when you first got correction  and make notes about how you experience your eyesight.

If your vision is ok give attention to your seeing and how you experience it.

Do you use sunglasses, if so how often and under what sun/light conditions.

Session 5

  • A brief overview of common and uncommon eyesight challenges.
  • About personal psychology and vision, their relationship.
  • Being without your prescription glasses/lenses.
  • Using ‘training’ glasses/lenses (reduced prescription).
  • Or even give up your correction!!!!!!!

Prep for session 6 (our final class)

Bring your questions!! Or preferably email them to me a few days before our last class.

Session 6, our last class!

Finally – How to improve your vision naturally, learn to see well without effort at last!!

About Dr Bates

  • The Central Principles 
  • Overview of his method

From Eyesight to Insight

Course Dates

Session 1      11th   July

Session 2      25th   July

Session 3        8th  August              

Session 4      22nd  August

Session 5         5th September

Session 6      19th  September

All sessions will start at 4pm (16:00) UK time and run for 90 minutes.

The course will be limited to ten participants. If you are wanting to join the course but are too late then your name will be held on a waiting list in the event of someone being unable to start the course.

If the demand is there we will hold a second course, possibly beginning in October.

The fee for the course is £95 GBP. The fee includes one (1) private session with Aileen either during the course or shortly after conclusion.